Inside the Mind of a Disruptive Thinker

Inside the Mind of a Disruptive Thinker

There are different opinions about what it means to be a disruptive thinker. On one hand, these types of thinkers can launch successful business projects from a new avenue never previously considered. On the other, they cause a ruckus by challenging the status quo.  They  are often the creators of major industry…

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#SomethingNewSaturday : Being a Total Bad Axe


While some super-Canadians would rather toss an axe or two in the wild, not all urbanites have that luxury. Bad Axe Throwing is an Ontario original that has made its way to the West Coast to give us ‘city folk’ (born and bread, or otherwise) the chance to get to…

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4 Bad Ass Workouts You Need to Try

4 Totally Bad-Ass Workouts

The last bit, I have been super focused on finding new ways to workout that don’t involve being surrounded by ‘health nuts’. You know the types who only take about their new protein shakes and complain about people at the squat rack. I used to lie to people and say…

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Dog Sledding & Helicopter Adventure

Even if money is tight, this is the one excursion you need to do on an Alaskan Cruise!

If you’re following my Instagram, you might have a hunch that I was in Alaska for a week long cruise on Holland America. During the planning stage of this trip, I had a list a mile long of all the things I wanted to do. Okay maybe not a mile- but most…

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The Something New Mindset in 8 Quotes

8 Quotes that will make you live more

This gallery contains 10 photos.

The Something New is not just a blog, you know? Its a mindset. A way of living your life. We should be striving to have new experiences every day, and if not- as often as possible. This is sometimes difficult to accomplish if we’re uninspired in our every day lives. As…

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Pure Barre So Hard in Kitsilano

Pure Barre Kitsilano

Pure Barre So Hard This past Wednesday, I had the amazing opportunity to preview the latest Pure Barre Studio! I had heard of Barre workouts before, so I was pretty excited to find out that we even had barre studios in Vancouver. Tanya Schneider, owner of Pure-Barre Kitsilano is passionate about bringing…

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Honestly, I don’t have time

My time is precious. From rebounding classes and circus school to professional development forums and university courses; I am always busy with something, so I can’t exactly afford to waste it. I have consistently been that way. I like being on the go and having a packed schedule- mind you…

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Screaming WooHoo Rebounding

WooHoo Rebounding

WooHoo Rebounding We’ve all seen those boogie bounce videos that have gone viral on Facebook, so it’s no wonder that Rebound Workouts have become insanely popular. I can get to a gym, break and sweat, and move on. But do I want to do that? H E double hockey sticks,…

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Running Away with the Circus West


Mom, I’m Running Away with Circus West Last night, I had the amazing opportunity of taking a group lesson at Circus West in Vancouver. I had never done any type of acrobatics before, never even a gymnastics class as kid. So seeing all the circus equipment made me excited, yet…

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The Secret Weapon on ‘Something New’

The duo thats making us realize what it is that we really want.

Secret Weapons & Something New   I remember when I first got an MP3 player back in 6th grade, I was obsessed with finding new music and musicians that my friends hadn’t even heard about. It was my secret weapon to being secretly cool. Gradually, my obsession for new music…

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